News 📰 Today In Tech Updates : Twitter CEO’s, Unborn babies in VR, Paytm merchants accept card 💳 payment, Apple 🍎 capture, Google Pixel double tap, Stream video 📹 in WhatsApp before downloading, Ditto in Pokemon GO. 

👉🏿Twitter accidentally suspends its own CEO’s account

👉🏿Parents can now watch their unborn babies grow in VR

👉🏿Now, Paytm allows merchants to accept card payments

👉🏿Apple captures record 91 percent of global smartphone profits

👉🏿Google’s Pixel phones get lift-to-wake and double-tap features

👉🏿You can now stream video in WhatsApp beta before downloading it

👉🏿Ditto has now been discovered in Pokemon GO


#ShaikhInside #ShaikhForMake #ThisIsShaikh #OfficerShaikh #MyThought 


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