Teenagers And Technology โš™ย 

Teenagers And Technology

High tech games and devices have always been popular but today, some people believe that teenagers have become addicted to them.

Technology has always been popular with teenagers but today, many people believe that teens and young adults are addicted to it in both good and bad ways. Children spend a lot of time playing with electronic devices at an early age, some as soon as they are old enough to hold them, and as they grow into their teenage years, they already know how to operate them with amazing proficiency.

Since modern technology began back in the days of transistor radios, pin ball machines, and calculators, teens and young adults have gravitated towards hand held computers, video games, cell phones, ipads, ipods, tablets, notebooks, televisions, and other electronic devices that are designed for comfort and mobility.

The problem is that many young people spend all of their free time sitting in front of a television playing electronic games, on their cell phones talking or texting, sending messages on twitter, facebook, or other messaging sites instead of moving about and getting proper exercise. This has led to a generation of obese children and young adults.

With that being said, learning how to use modern technology at an early age is good. Technology is expanding rapidly in every aspect of our lives so many school districts around the country have begun offering computer training as part of their curriculum to children as early as pre and elementary school. Although children think of using computers in the classroom as fun, they are not there just for games and entertainment, but as training tools for the future because computers and the internet is fast becoming the way of the world.

Young children are taught basic computer languages and skills, how to use computers to research information, how to download information to app’s, how to go on testing website’s, and how to use computers for classroom projects. In the long run, these skills will serve them well in the workplace and in life in general.

This is great for manufacturers who make millions of dollars each year catering to the wants and needs of teenagers. Companies are well aware that teenagers are a powerful purchasing force that can not be ignored. They also know that at any given time, the whims of teenagers can make or break a company in a short period of time, sometimes over night.

If a product becomes popular with teenagers, it can be a giant money maker, especially if the product remains popular for a long period of time. Millions, maybe billions of dollars, are at stake so companies try to upgrade and expand their product lines on a regular basis to keep teens hooked.

On the other hand, companies know that teens are very fickle when it comes to staying with a particular brand. They know that if something more advanced and more popular hits the market, teens and young adults will jump ship and go for the other product in a heartbeat and cause their product to become obsolete with a sharp decline in sales. This can be catastrophic to the company and its stockholders so it is in their best interests to research and develop upgraded and competitively priced products on a regular basis.

Companies know that it may take years to recapture market shares if they lose their edge so they do whatever it takes to compete and keep their customers happy with their products. If a company loses customer satisfaction, it may take years to rebuild a brand. As a matter of fact, they may never recoup their market share or stop production of that product altogether thereby suffering long term financial losses.

Most companies also work very hard to develop new customers. They do serious research on teen behavior, mind sets, and use promotional tools to lure teenagers to their products. Focus groups are one of the most effective tools used to find out what people are thinking and which games and other high tech products teenagers find appealing.

Brands play a big role in all of this and companies know how to exploit that fact and become household names. Today, most teenagers know the names Nintendo Wii, Kindle, Sony Play Station, Xbox, Linux, Mac, and Windows. And there are many other lesser known brands that are fighting for a market share so the well known brands can’t take teenagers and young adults for granted if they want to stay on top.

Marketing strategies is the name of the game. Although companies market their products to young people, they know that they don’t have the money to buy them. But then, they also know that parents and grandparents do have the money. They advertise to both teenagers and mom and dad. They know that if a child wants something bad enough, someone is going to buy if for them, especially for birthdays, Christmas, and other events such as when a child gets an award in school or does something noteworthy.

Today, teenagers and technology are bound together in many ways. Rapid technological advances in science and industry have made it necessary for all age groups to become computer and internet literate. Through learning simple computer sciences and learning how to play games and how to use the internet, young people have entered a brave new world without knowing it. For them, it’s everyday stuff that they think has been around forever.

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