News 📰 Today In Tech Updates :

​👉🏿The world’s first Google Station Wi-Fi hotspot will be set up in Pune
👉🏿 YouTube Go Beta version has been released
👉🏿UberEats is now available in Manchester
👉🏿Wikipedia issues near-total ban on Daily Mail sources
👉🏿Android Nougat rollout for Sony Xperia Z3+, Z4 Tablet, and Z5 series starts up again
👉🏿Windows 10 Project Neon confirmed by developer day live-stream
👉🏿Samsung may launch a Google Now competitor called ‘Samsung Hello’
👉🏿Verizon Will Now Fix Your Broken Phone Screen At Home
👉🏿Google plans to purge millions of apps from the Play Store next month
👉🏿Tesla plans to launch its electric cars in India this summer
👉🏿Facebook will help you find food and shelter in emergencies

@OfficerShaikh #news

👉 @ThisIsShaikh 

👉 @OfficerShaikh 


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