News 📰 Today In Tech Updates :

​👉🏿Raspberry Pi Zero W is a $10 computer with WiFi and Bluetooth

👉🏿Google Home confirmed for UK launch in Q2 2017

👉🏿Mozilla officially acquires Pocket, a popular read-it-later app

👉🏿Ubisoft Developing Avatar Game

👉🏿Netflix HDR Support For Smartphones Arrives With LG G6

👉🏿Pokemon Go Plus will help you catch all those Gen 2 Pokemon, and it’s in stock on Amazon

👉🏿Kingston 1TB and 2TB USB sticks start shipping

👉🏿Facebook now ranks your ❤️️’s above your 👍’s

👉🏿Google Shames Microsoft For Not Fixing Windows 10 Browser Bug

@OfficerShaikh #news

👉 @ThisIsShaikh 

👉 @OfficerShaikh 

👉🏿Google unveils ‘Meet,’ a Hangouts app for businesses

👉🏿Google brings your Keep notes directly into Docs

👉🏿Android Pay now supports 31 additional US banks

👉🏿New Nokia 3310 Won’t Be Coming To The U.S.

👉🏿Xiaomi reveals Surge S1 SoC alongside Redmi 4X, Mi 5c

👉🏿Twitter now lets you auto-mute eggs and other sketchy accounts

👉🏿Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 test build supports ability to block non-Store apps

👉🏿YouTube Jumps Into the Cordcutter Game With YouTube TV

@OfficerShaikh #news

👉 @ThisIsShaikh 

👉 @OfficerShaikh 



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