News Today In Tech Update:

👉🏿Apple has 80 engineers working on a tiny chip that could increase battery life on iPhones

👉🏿Nvidia releases beta Mac drivers for Pascal GPUs like the GTX 1080

👉🏿Instagram combines disappearing and permanent messages into one inbox

👉🏿The Windows 10 Creators Update is now live

👉🏿Android O breaks apps that draw over the system UI like Twilight

👉🏿Windows Vista Support Has Officially Ended

👉🏿Nokia 9 could rival the iPhone 8 in more than one way
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👉🏿Nokia partnering with Airtel, BSNL for preparing 5G networks in India

👉🏿Google announces similar items schema for image search on mobile

👉🏿Yahoo India Launches ‘Storytellers’ as Content Marketing Solution For Brands

👉🏿Ford built a hybrid police car designed to handle punishing pursuits

👉🏿Apple releases watchOS 3.2.2 beta 2 for Apple Watch

👉🏿Google is testing a new way of training its AI algorithms directly on your phone

👉🏿Samsung Bixby coming to Germany in Q4
@ThisIsShaikh  #news

👉🏿Samsung Gear S3 receives a value pack update with major enhancements

👉🏿Google releases Android Things Developer Preview 3

👉🏿Microsoft Banning And Removing Emulators From The Windows Store

👉🏿Twitch takes PayPal and others to court over ambitious spambot

👉🏿Skype will now translate Japanese for you in real-time

👉🏿Facebook Messenger’s M assistant gets new AI powers
@ThisIsShaikh #news

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